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There’s only one thing harder than seeing someone go through cancer – and that’s trying to find the right words. You’re not a superhero. You don’t have magic pills. And you only have so many #FuckCancer posts to share on social. But that’s OK. You don’t need to have the cure for cancer to feel like you’re making a difference! Not all superheroes wear capes or awkward spandex. Some simply have a few cents to spare to 1. Purchase a kick-cancer-ass product that fights adversity through solidarity and 2. Contribute to groundbreaking cancer research.

Yes, cancer statistics are on the rise – but we cannot live in fear. Just like Darth Vader or the Wicked Witch of the West, life is packed with bad guys who need to be put back in their place. With your help, we can show them they picked the wrong peeps to mess with.

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