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Lung Cancer

Do you know someone who’s rocking it even after a lung cancer diagnosis? This form of cancer develops when abnormal cells in the lungs grow and spread out of control, clustering together to form a tumor and damaging healthy surrounding tissue. There’s nothing harder than seeing someone you love go through this, especially when you don’t know what to say to make it better. Lung cancer patients need every ounce of hope and encouragement they can get – but we know how frustrated you are. The doctors are doing everything they can, so what can you possibly do? We’ll tell you what – you can bag an uplifting lung cancer gift from Cherries on Top and contribute to groundbreaking lung cancer research with every purchase! With fun and hopeful messages that tell cancer where to stick it, we’re helping you replace fear with hope even when you don’t have a magic cure or doctor’s degree. When you can’t find the words, just put a cherry on top. Pick your size and words of wisdom, and we’ll drop your order at you or your loved one’s doorstep before you can say #FuckLungCancer.

Lung Cancer
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