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Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is something we hear about in the news and happening to strangers – it’s not something close to home…until it is. Starting in the cells of the pancreas and spreading throughout the abdomen and liver, pancreatic cancer can seem impossible to accept when you’re going through it alone – so it’s up to us to prove that the hero you know is never alone. If someone you love or know has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you’re probably still in shock. How can you make things better? How can you keep their hopes high even in the face of life’s greatest adversity? Well, we at Cherries on Top have made it our mission to empower cancer patients – as well as their friends and family members to make a difference even when they don’t have a doctor’s degree or miracle pill. When you purchase one of our fun, uplifting gifts for pancreatic cancer, you’ll make your loved one smile while helping us contribute to groundbreaking cancer research with each and every purchase. Every cent makes a difference, and yours could be the final dime needed to complete a researcher’s funding goal…who knows?

Pancreatic Cancer
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