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Prostate Cancer

Exclusively experienced by men, prostate cancer starts in the prostate’s gland cells and is marked by the growth of malignant cells that grow out of control. But no matter the science behind it, we know you only want one thing: To make the hero you love feel better. But – how? All you have are words, and you’re running out of them – fast. Thankfully, with Cherries on Top, you can speak your heart and keep hope high with our uplifting gifts for prostate cancer heroes. Tell cancer to take a hike (and never come back) with fun cancer gifts for men in a range of sizes and featuring varied messages of hope and optimism. Bring a smile to that Hercules’ face, contribute to groundbreaking prostate cancer research, and let it be known that cancer has no place here. Go back to where you came from, PC. You can’t sit with us!

Prostate Cancer
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