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Thyroid Cancer

A thyroid cancer diagnosis can be confusing to say the least. This is the sh*t you hear about happening to strangers, not so close to home. If someone you care about has been forced to stand face-to-face with thyroid cancer, you probably don’t know what to do as your hero’s sidekick. You don’t have a miracle pill, you don’t have a doctor’s degree, and your mouth can’t find the right words. But now, with Cherries on Top, you’ll always have the right words – because they’ll be sprawled across your chest everywhere you go…and the chest of your loved one! Explore our range of uplifting thyroid cancer gifts for men and women below, and pick the fun message you resonate with most. We’ll drop your order at your doorstep before you can say #FuckThyroidCancer. This is your chance to inspire REAL hope even on the front line against thyroid cancer. Give your loved one the courage to carry on, and tell that piece a sh*t “C Word” who’s boss!

Thyroid Cancer
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