Bald Brave Beautiful Beanie

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One of the hardest things to accept about chemo is that you might lose your hair – but guess what? Hair grows back, and you’re stronger than any stupid mutant cell. But until the hair grows back, you can sport Cherry on Top’s range of stylish and uplifting cancer headwear – bearing messages that tell cancer where to stuff it. Whether you’re the one walking this road or you’re forced to watch someone you love go through it, Cherries on Top makes it a little easier to find the right words to say. Oh, and did we mention that your purchase contributes to GROUNDBREAKING cancer research? If you thought you couldn’t make a difference, think again…because you’re only a few clicks away from showing your loved one support while proving we can and will kick cancer’s butt. #DropMic And remember, your purchase contributes to groundbreaking cancer research!

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